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Nursery To Share For Free

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I always like to share my nursery for others to visit and get there nappy/diaper change and have loads of fun with all my thomas the tank toys
I do not charge people to stay in my nursery! I'm not sure why people think I charge for my nursery because all I want is friends.

This is a nursery full of Thomas The Tank

Nursery Room

In the nursery room I have got cot,changing mat,toy box,play mat,colouring books,nursery songs,story books,loads of teddy bears to cuddle

Changing Time & Feeding Time

nappies,powder,nappy cream,wipes,changing mat,onesies,sleepers,rompers,cloth nappies,plastic pants,bibs,bottles,toddler spoons,adult potty


1 : Must Wear A Nappy/Diaper To Enter Nursery


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    It's nice that you share and want to make friends. Sounds like you can have a lot of fun in there! ^_^
  2. CharliePup's Avatar

    1 : Must Wear A Nappy/Diaper To Enter Nursery
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