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LONG RANT: Dream..

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This is a long chaotic rant about a dream I Had.. I don't want to forget it for some reason.. but anyway I'm basically going to type down details as I remember them. This isn't organized at all. I need to write it out and then do lots of things, I might clean it up later.


I had another odd dream. For starters I was a little girl, like I tend to usually be in my dreams that I'm myself.. since that's.. well, besides the point but anyway. I actually wasn't exactly myself with the same life either, I was like.. me but in a completely new world with new parents and junk. Anyway, apparently in this story my mother had died.. and I was living in a town where tons of bad things were happening. Like, a group of mean people were buying out tons of the town and forcing people to live in tiny little things all crammed together and there was just this dark and sinister aura around the place.

I should mention that my dreams tend to have magic in them because at this point my "wings" are to be mentioned. I had a pair of wings that were left to me from my late mother. They weren't like, wings that were attached me.. the looked like pretty realistic wings you put on, and actually then give you the power of flight. They were my favorite things in the world, apparently. I was seen as a troublemaker in this world, a bad seed. I almost never went to school and I kept my things really hidden away in this storage area where people put their valuable stuff.

All my stuff was there, because I didn't trust it in my house anymore. My stuff was pretty important to me too.. but my wings were most. I used them to fly around without a care in this place and ditch contact with all the dark and sinister aura'd people. This wasn't to say I didn't have a group of friends.. no, I had a nice group of friends who also felt the way I felt about the town, though they felt I was still somewhat bad that I didn't go to school... they understood why. The evil people ran it. I knew it, because my other "power" in this world was that many times I could sense things, lots of times before they happened and try to fight it. I didn't like see what was going to happen, all of a sudden I would just be like, "THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!" and such.

Anyway, apparently by the time my dream was really starting, things were starting to blow up. The aura was collecting and true conflicts were going on. My father before this time, had been a defender for the towns people and had even managed to buy back a neighborhood for the people in town. However, one day while flying in my "nest" (an abandoned house in the outskirts that I put a bed and tons of blankets in, and that my friends hung out with me there) I got one of my "senses" and just felt that my father had finally betrayed everyone. Hurt and having no more attachment to this place, I swooped inside the room and went to tell my friends that I was leaving and never coming back. But one girl, one I identified when I saw her as a very close friend, my best one.. begged me to go talk to him. To try to get through to him.. I didn't want to do it but against my better judgement in this dream.. I went.

When I got there he was talking with one of the sinister aura'd people.. a scary looking man. I could see what he was doing right away.. he was claiming what parts of the land he would be able to keep for a large house for himself in exchange for giving up and letting them take the rest. He was making all sorts of plans that I could visually see, explaining where he wanted the pool and other things. I was so hurt because some of the houses that he was taking himself were my friends houses.. and begged him not to do so.. but he seemed almost entirely brainwashed.. it was like he didn't even hear me. Then all of a sudden the man grabbed me by my neck and threw me to the ground, causing my "wings" to pop off my back.. since I had flown here. He then proceeded to break and step on my wings, making it to where they couldn't ever be attached to me and help me fly away again. I felt heartbroken and looked up at my father, thinking that his wife's memento to me would be enough at least to make him realize this man wasn't worth dealing with.. but I only saw a slight glimmer of sadness in his eye.. he went right back to his planning. All of his fight was gone.. and I just grabbed the broken wings and limped home all sore.

I remember throwing my broken wings at the girl who I considered my best friend so she could she "what she did".. I hated being mean to her but in the dream.. I was feeling hurt and slightly blamed her for sending me there instead of letting me fly away. Even though I knew I wanted to talk to my father, I was lashing out. It was immature, but I was emotional at the time.

I remember a couple days of just sitting in my nest followed.. I had somewhat become numb myself and felt no escape from this place without my wings. But then suddenly the time for feeling sorry and for not just running seemed to end, all the aura in the place seemed to be really negatively effecting the place.. causing terrible storms the like of which hadn't been seen. I told my friends to just run, and I would follow them.. but suddenly I got another of my senses. THat my stuff in it's safe place underground was in danger, that if i didn't get there soon I would never get it back. Apparently my stuff was really important to me because I ran down there without a second though. Remember, I technically came to this "story" late and if I knew what was in my bag at some point I don't remember now. I ran down to that place to find that the wall seemed to be cracking, and water seemed to be dripping in. It was going to flood, and flood soon so I collected it all and began to try to get out.. but then I felt something on my leg. A dog named Hero, it said so on his collar was clinging to me. At this point, I just knew that his owner had evacuated already, that his owner was one of the bad people. The dog was looking at me with just such a frightened face.. a face that said, "please stick with me through thick and thin, I don't want to die" and I just couldn't abandon him.. even though I felt that taking him would make my escape harder... but I wanted to stick with him. Pulling him out of the underground and running away..

I woke up...


  1. Adventurer's Avatar
    Wow, that's a very detailed dream. I can understand not wanting to lose it. It sounded really sad and scary. How'd you feel when you woke up?

    I don't think dreams always mean anything, but they can tell us if we're worried about things. When I read your description, it sounded like how a little would feel sometimes. Like the world isn't always a safe place, and it's hard to trust anyone sometimes. The fewer that bad things can happen sometimes that we can't really help. I hope you're feeling safe right now

    Or maybe I'm off and it was just a weird dream that proves candy before bed is a bad idea :p you'd probably know best.

    PS - I have to agree with the supporters - your new avatar is super cute :-)
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I'm actually pretty nervous about various things in my life.. and my life actually has been sort of scary lately. I didn't think of those things though..

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