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I dont know how long its been, im not sure of the date or the location that ive reached. Its in the confusion of the depths of the ocean that has swallowed me. I have no idea which way is north or weither or not i really care. i cant see any shores, no mountains, no green green grass. No sand, no land, nobody and no love for anything. No hatred, out of pain because it feels stupid now and I no longer understand how i wasted the last ten years being someone im not and then two before i come out and blow try to be something that I wanted to be but that made it even less like me. I dont wanna be who i want a be, I dont know enough for that to be wise. But I do know I wanna be me so I will search for him as i part the sea between brightness and me. But if I cant see anyting that must mean something, right? Yes. Yes it does. It means I'm in the middle...and its time to move.

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