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Leopard Angst: The Life of a Deft Leppard

A New Venture

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Well I bought my first paci last night. I picked up a 2 pack of Nuk 3's and gave them a try. When I was at the store, I saw they had a leopard print one, (which i really wanted), but they only came in sizes 1 and 2. I tried the size 3 and so far, I love it! I'l eventually try to order a Nuk 5, but for now, I decided I'd try my hand at Modding. I'm quite crafty, and I'm used to working with plastic items as I build a lot of models. so I picked up a couple of the Leopard Print Nuk 2's (in case I screwed up) and set out to swapping the nipples which was far easier said than done.

The Nuk 2 before modding
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The 2's and the 3's use different style brackets for the ring, and though the nuk 3 nipple was easier to get off, the nuk 2 was a pain trying to get the nipple and ring off without damaging the shield.. and when I tried to get the shield off of the second one without damaging the ring.
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The Nuk 2 shield after i finally got the thing apart....
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And finally, the finished product, ready for super gluing!
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I learned that nuk 3's are far easier to work with than the Nuk 2's as far as swapping parts. The Nuk 2's are damn near indestructible plastic wise........


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