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Awesome but awful day...

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well this is my story of my worst day that was awesome somehow

so there's this improv troupe at my high school and my legendary cousin who went to my school 7 years ago did it and now does it professional so i auditioned keep in mind ive wanted this since 5th grade and ive taken all the workshops so i was really crushed to see i didn't make it well you know today i got out of school for 2 performances cause i tech for the show at my school Cinderella .So all day my friend Cat is the kind that calls everyone honey or sweety ya know every time she saw me " aww baby girl come here"like everyone there i got special attention and there were alot of people in cast and crew that auditioned and didn't make it but like im known for giving hugs all day I RECIVED hugs all day and not crappy ones like nice long hugs where they stroke your hair.or backstage people would pull me into there laps so id sit in there laps and id get massages/ back scratches or when i went to move set like my friend Caleb was like you dont have to ill move it for you if you want to go sit down but i did anyways and i got to wear the sacred techie hat like my best friend who's a stage manager theres techie hats you earn after so long there and the few people that have em dont let people touch em she GAVE me her hat to wear for the day . Well i think being childish is like norm for me but they like took good care of me all day seriously i seriously was in a little girl all mood i didn't know people actually cared about me like that so i loved today.Like during lunch break Caleb was like i know what will cheer you up ( he had nemo fruit snack) some nemo!!!! like i seriously felt like real little cause they would sit there and try to make me seriously like treated like a little girl like just there tone of voice " Cubby you can wanna wear my techie hat?! will that make you feel better?"
and i didn't feel like talking today so i mostly nodded my head or shook it.

so anyways that was my amazing day that im still crushed about but still it was mhhhhh im pretty sure i didnt relize it but i probably did talk more childish than normal for me. ^_^ i love my friends form theatre i seriously didn't know i was cared about like that. i mean alot of people in the cast and crew auditioned and didn't make it . But i was like center for everyone today and i think they sensed how deep it hurt cause i wanted this alot more and wayy longer than most than auditioned. anyways that was my amazing day we will see if they keep it up tomorrow.....

and no none of them there know about me if your wondering.......


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