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System Destruction

Wow, it's been a while since I've been able to Blog!

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My oh my it's been a while since I've said hi to you all!

I've been so unbelievably busy.

Crazy Lobie decided to take 7 courses, and of course TA Computer Science... Hmm, silly Lobie is silly!

I have been swamped since the first day of classes, I've completed 19 assignments, 2 tests, 2 quizzes, and 7 labs in 3 weeks...

Now that's a handful! I still have 3 assignments to work on before Tuesday!

Bah, all so much hard work!

But I'm finally getting caught up, and I have some spare time coming soon! The break is in the future, I can see the crack in the cave and I'm about to push through into freedom... Hmm, taking literature is making me slightly poetic, I am disheartened greatly by these turns of events, I'm supposed to be plain evil, heart blackened of ice and stuff like that... You know!

Okay, this has been all over the place... But hey, if you're reading anything I post you are certainly used to that by now!

I made cherry steak the other day, and had a cookie that told me I was awesome (Then again, I already knew this!).

Joking, joking! Let's move on here..

I got about 101% on my Logic test (I guess I'm logical!)

Outside the realm of university, to those who don't know I became a professional (paid) artist, just recently. The opening art show is tonight, and I am so excited to have something I made being exhibited. It's also been posted in a few papers, which makes me feel really happy.

That is about it!

*throws sparkles all around his blog and flops to the ground amidst the sparkling vortex*


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    You are insane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Near
    You are insane.
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