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Eliminate Razor Bumps (Howto)

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For helping/eliminating the bumps, use pure silicon lube. It should have a #3 on it. It's a little expensive but little goes a long way! Wash the area for a while with very warm/hot water to open the pores. Then rub in the silicon over the whole area until it's 'slick'. Rinse with warm water but not so much you wash it all off, but just to get rid of the excess so you don't clog up the razor. Another trick is to add just a little shampoo over it before shaving. This helps to keep the razor cleaner too. Use a GOOD razor so you can get a nice, deep shave like at least a Mach3 quality. You will notice if you did it right that you can push in as hard as you want and even slide around and not cut yourself. Upshave, sideways, pressing hard whatever..You will be very surprised. and it will be super smooth all over the diaper area. Now if you do have a bump or so and it nicks it then rub over with the silicone and hot water. It'll heal over super fast and clean.

After you shave, a little more silicone to get down in the pores. This helps to soften the follicle by keeping it hydrated below the skin. Then you can either leave it like that or go ahead and wash with like baby shampoo. Ever since I've done this I haven't had razor burn and I used to get it really bad. I even shave my face like this. It's perfectly safe and if you search you'll see that it's actually good for the skin.

*** Don't use the generic stuff or anything that has perfumes or other ingredients. It won't work anything like 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Silicone !!! been there, regretted that!

My uncle had a bad problem with really thick/dead skin on his heels and feet and he used it once and rubbed it in. In a few minutes the whole foot looked and felt like 'new'. When they say silky that's exactly how it leaves you feeling. The stuff is amazing and we both swear by it. The one we use looks like this:
but we get it at a local adult store for $15. 1 bottle lasts me about 3+ months and my hair is very thick.

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