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Mother becoming more and more accepting

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My mother has not said one word about my diapers ever since living together. She also does not slap my butt anymore like she used to. I figured it's because she doesn't want to feel my diapers. One of my online friends suggested she has figured out I will never get over it and I will always wear them so she gave up trying to get me to quit. She has tried talking me into quitting in the past.

She does not make any critical comments about it anymore but I still get nervous she is going to say something about it so I have an from her a few times when she see my diapers. So far she has acted very supportive about it and the other day she told me how to clean my cloth diapers so they won't smell. I wasn't doing it right so I was making the whole basement smell like pee and the washer and dryer too and the smell would stay in there. Then it would get in the clothes when they wash them and I was so embarrassed about it. I thought I had been doing a good job and she told me I was but apparently she lied to me. She told me I just didn't know how to do it so she is showing me and she told me she isn't being critical, she is just trying to help me. Also throwing in three fabric softener sheets makes the whole laundry room smell good and the diapers do feel nice and soft. She said they won't effect the absorbancy.

She has even made a comment about my AB pajamas. She told me they were cute. She played dumb about it at first by saying they are funny looking and I can just unsnap them to take them off instead of pulling them off and they look like something a toddler would wear, something like my son would wear. I told her they are and she said she knew that.

She once gave me adult pull ups and told me the next day she liked me better in those because they don't make it look like I have a fat ass. I told her i don't care anymore how big my butt looks because no one knows what I have on under there and she said she knows. I am her daughter so she knows what my butt looks like. People that don't know me would just think I am fat in the middle and I carry my weight there. But disposables make my butt look smaller but they still look a little bigger but not much.

Mom even told me I don't need to feel embarrassed about wearing diapers because we are family and they all know I wear them. I told her it would take me a while to trust her with this because she has been critical about it in the past. She told me she isn't being critical, she is just helping me. I told her in the past she was critical about it, now it's going to take me a while to trust her now and she told me she hopes I will soon.

How did she get so accepting of this? How did she understand it more? Had she been reading about it online or saw it on TV or talked to people about it? I even find it strange someone would give her pull ups if she doesn't even wear them. Why would someone give away diapers to someone who doesn't wear them because they were getting rid of them? I don't know why I am asking these here because no one is going to know why since they are not my mother. Only I should be asking her these to her face but like I say, it's still awkward and I don't trust her yet. She has told me in the past she doesn't like talking about it and it makes her feel like she is going to throw up and she loathes the whole diaper baby thing. So I don't talk about it with her. That would be like someone talking to me about wetting their pants and bed or doing slave toilet or rubbing their used diapers in their faces and eating gel out of them or putting on other peoples used diapers or having people piss in their diapers they have on. Yes these are all gross and I don't want to hear about it. I find it ironic I find wetting your pants and bed disgusting but wetting in diapers is not. Same as for pooping. Some people like to poop their pants and bed and I find it gross but not in diapers. But it never makes me feel I want to throw up but I just don't like having images in my head about it and when I see it in erotic stories, I stop reading them when have too many revolting things. You will find those in erotic diaper stories, not here or at Daily Diapers. You may find them on ebooks. But I don't find pants wetting and messing as gross, same as bed wetting because I got used to it. It's just not my thing just like diapers are not everyone's thing. I am sure my mother still finds it gross what I do but it's not as gross because she told me she got used to me wearing them so it doesn't bother her anymore. But I wonder if she is helping me just so she wouldn't have to deal with the smell or because she really wants it to be easier for me.

Sometimes I wonder if people would feel any different about someone wearing diapers if they didn't go potty in them? I always go in mine because I like the feeling.

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