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Taking A Stand

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Sometimes I think I read too much. My mind constantly wants to know, to understand human behavior and how to interact successfully with it. I have, at times, had some wonderfully exhilarating conversations with my friends on instant messenger. There is a level of respect that I offer and also demand no matter what the subject. People are entitled to their opinions but I will not tolerate rudeness from people attempting to “drive home” theirs.

There is a storm in a teacup that has been brewing for several months now. It began because of a simple statement “I am much happier nowadays”. There were no retaliatory remarks at all, just the truth, plain and simple. The reason for this straightforward reply; there have been some people I have been communicating with for quite some time that, as of late, become very vocal when proffering their opinions on what I should be doing with my life.

They demanded to know why I spent more time online with friends of alternative lifestyles than with them. They began to attack my decision making capabilities and insisted that I “drop this ridiculous notion” of finding the missing piece of my heart because it was just an emotional moment that would soon “pass”. I of course laughed to myself and then told them as gently as I could that “I am much happier nowadays not only because I have found a group of friends who accepted me as I have accepted them, but also that I had found the missing piece to my heart”.

I have, out of love, tried desperately to explain the reason for my choices and how much I love those friends who are Sissies and Adult Babies. I explain that these are incredibly brave human beings who are comfortable with whom they are and show amazing candor when speaking about themselves and others within the same lifestyle. I tell them my friends who are Sissies and Adult Babies although very private, are completely enchanting to speak with and many have endeared themselves to my heart.

Unfortunately, I do not hear anything but negativity along with a lot of virtual head shaking and finger pointing as they vainly try to “right my feet” onto the path they have chosen for me. Again, I laugh because of the futility of their efforts and then explain that they either accept me as I am, or perhaps, in order to reduce their stress, discontinue contact because I have no intentions of changing anything.

Although I have resigned myself to accept the fact that I will never understand human nature or behavior, I firmly believe we are all here on this rock we call earth to fulfill a purpose. I believe we were all created for this reason. My reason for existence is to take care of Samantha, to see to all of her needs and to keep her safe.

I will continue to enjoy my current friendships with Sissies and Adult Babies and look forward to forging new ones; I love my Sissy Princess with all of my heart and soul and treasure each little girl and adult baby friendship I have been blessed with. I have no patience for the narrow-mindedness of people who have a preset idea of who I should be or become. I am much happier nowadays because of those "eternal children" who brighten my days.

<3 Ella
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