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It's been a looong time...

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I forgot my password to this site, and I just now found it out. It's nice to be back on here, as I'm having troubles with this whole fetish thing.

I don't know what it is, but I never really have a clear state-of-mind when it comes to this fetish. I usually feel nothing but guilt, guilt, guilt, and for no real reason, but then I have these shining epiphanies where I just know it'll all work out and to not worry. I realize after coming back on here that, number 1: I stress out way too much on this fetish than is good for my mental health, and 2: I just need to balance stuff out with this.

The way I usually look at this fetish is in a way that makes it a burden, like I HAVE to satisfy the monster so it can leave me alone. But I know that's not a good way of looking at it. The thing is that I knew this a long time ago, I just tend to get so wrapped up in negativity that I forget it, and that this is pretty much okay to have. I'm trying to stop a binge-purge cycle, which is never fun, but after I'm done indulging tonight, I will try to smooth it out a bit.

Thanks for reading my ramble if you've gotten this far. Any advice would be cool as well!


  1. whisko's Avatar
    welcome back :-)

    i have no advice that hasn't already been said. i've been through the binge/purge cycle and the self-esteem issues and the post-(auto)coital depression ;-) but in the long run have decided and attempted to just not make such a huge deal about it.

    i hope the rest of your life is going well! your favorite underwear and your choice of bathroom habits are the least of anyone else's concerns.

    if you reply to this blog comment i might not notice, but feel free to pm me if you like!
  2. Luckyfish's Avatar
    I wondered what happened to you.
    I see the fetish in a similar light.
    Although i know in my mind there is no letting this go, so my negativity wanes and totally vanishes if i stick to the habit once or twice a week.
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