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Life, It's complications, and joys.

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For purposes of privacy, my name is Joseph.

I'm a College student going into the field of Nursing, I'm a Heavy Metal and Horror film enthusiast, I'm engaged to the love of my life, and occasionally I'm an AB/DL Caretaker, or Daddy. My days usually consist of School in the morning, studying, and then winding down, and some soothing Black Metal(Usually Darkthrone, or Burzum), but I want to blog for a second about the past month. December.
December 2012 was one of the best months of my life, and the year 2012 by far. Reason being, my fiance(whom is 4 hours away at a separate College) and I spent the entire month side by side.

We ventured further into the AB/DL life style than ever before that month. I diapered her, fed her milk from a bottle, put her to bed, gave her toys and played with her on her blanket on the floor. I'm the one who brought her into the lifestyle, so she's new, and I'm her guide. She's been amazing with it so far, and she's made me very, very happy. Though I'm still shy about admitting certain things to her about it. I try an persuade her in a direction rather than being straight forward. It's an embarrassing thing for me still. I'd still like her to use her diapers naturally, her not even worry about it, and let me change her. I want her to call me Daddy on a regular basis, I just like hearing from her, it's sweet and happy... and puts me in a great mood, always. I also want her to wear her diapers and use her pacifier more often, maybe not every day, but often around the house even when she's not being my little girl. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Aside from the Baby and Daddy lifestyle, we're a normal, metal-head, horror addict couple. We spend one entire day watching American Horror Story Season 1, and it was one of the best day out of the month. An entire day just on a couch together watching netflix. We'd talk between episodes, and try to explain to each other, and understand what was happening in the show(in case you haven't seen it, it can be hard to follow at times) We laughed and smiled at each other so much I remember my cheeks and lips bring sore. We decided also to go by our favorite local movie store one day and ended up purchasing 11 new movies to watch. We took another day and did nothing but watch those movies. We spend a lot of time just sitting in each other's company. I enjoy just time with her more than anything else on the plant.


Every day with her is paradise, as you can see this whole thing is about her, and this blog is titled "Life, it's complication's, and joys" for the reason being. She is my life. I owe everything to her.

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  1. babyemma7473's Avatar
    I love you
  2. whisko's Avatar
    aww you two are cute :-) my wife is a big fan of american horror story too. and i wish you well, joseph, in your schooling and your relationship and your daddyhood! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.