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My Dream Life: So Close I can Almost Taste It

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The last time I graced this site with a blog was in May of 2008. It's 2013 now. That's nearly 5 years of silence from this blog so I think you guys deserve an update. Well my dream life style of being a cute and girly 24/7 diapered woman (Yes I've decided that's what I want after 6 going on 7 long years of research on the risks and benefits of such a drastic lifestyle change). My goal is not to become incontinent but to at the very least simulate it and wear and use diapers 24/7 and wean myself away from the traditional toilet. If I happen to acquire some level of incontinence as a result it is merely a consequential externality and not the actual intent. However on to the point at hand. I will graduate my 2 year tech college program this summer with my fiance graduating a year or so after me, this time frame will allow me to get a full time job and save up to get our own place together and live my dream lifestyle and get married. Soon We'll move back to my home state, MA for a while and then when we can afford it, move outside the country to our top 2 choices, Sweden or Switzerland. We will be extremely happy together with her being my mommy and attending to my diaper needs. I also plan to start my Real Life Test after so long on this year, I just need to search for suitable psychotherapist to oversee it and live full time as a woman (except around her parents as they are transphobic religious fanatics who would see to it we never saw each other again and they control my poor fiance enough as it is).

Anyway I have big plans for the next year or so and that's just a brief update on me.


  1. CutePrincess's Avatar
    You are so lucky things are working out so well
  2. SnowPrincessSophie's Avatar
    yup, and I get to be diapered 24/7 - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.