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Rape. Who even cares?!!?!?

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I am a rape victim. I was raped the weekend before Labor Day holiday in 2012. I wanted to say it because I am tired of nobody knowing. I told nobody, I pressed no charges and the only one I told was a counselor (whom I do not visit for the rape, it is a different reason.) I do not take the fact that most movies have rape in them. Has anyone heard about the horrible movie I Spit On Your Grave? The entire first half of it is a woman getting raped by a group of men.

Did you know that there are thousands of untested rape kits in America? And that if you are a devout Republican, you define rape along with the requirement that the woman cannot be drunk? If the woman is drunk and you rape her, it isn't rape. You can hardly tell that people even care about it can't you? I want to read opinions on it here.
This was a post of mine I wrote a few moments ago. Here I will continue my rant. The abuse of women really just pisses me off. Why would you even? For real. I have also been in an abusive relationship. For a man to take such an advantage of a woman because she is smaller than him. We are not, NOT, a weaker species. In fact, for a woman to deal with a rape is hard. Obviously there is something about us for us to be able to handle such a trauma. I admit, some women have a hard time dealing with such, but my point still stands.


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    Abuse is wrong no matter who is doing it and to whom. Women, men, or animals. I think there has to be something broken inside someone to be able to do such a thing. Abusers are mentally ill.
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    ...not only are you not, NOT, a weaker are the same species...and as pointed's not 'just' a female issue!

    Pretty much anyone who isn't big, tough, normal...etc is a target for such abuses. And, it'd probably take me 8-days straight to go into all the various reasons that this may stem from. As a small build, average height myself...I used my feet (walk/run away) and my mouth, to talk my way out of situations...but, sometimes...we're 'stuck'...we have to takes time to really know if someone may be able to hurt us (whether willing, or unable to control impulses, etc)... So, it wasn't your 'fault' that those things happened...but, I believe that it is on you now; to keep it from happening again...know your surroundings, and don't put yourself in unnecessarily vulnerable situations...
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    There are people in my life who have dealt with both rape and abusive relationships. I cannot stand someone who will hit someone else with the attitude that they are "weaker". Personally, I take the attitude that my wife's uncle had when he found out a boyfriend had been abusive to one of his daughters--he held him six inches off the floor by his neck and simply told him if he was ever seen again he would be dead. While I am registered Republican, please understand that I know 'intoxicated' does not immediately imply consent. I have spoken with rape victims many times and know how hard it can be to overcome the shame that accompanies it, those that speak out are incredibly strong, especially when it comes to facing their attacker in court.

    Please understand that my comments in the thread regarding rape are not trying to paint "drunk" as "willing to have sex", but rather were trying to point out that making a poor decision after having a few drinks does not automatically constitute rape.

    I agree that cases of rape do need to prosecuted and those animals guilty of rape need to be treated exactly as such. At the same time, I have also seen the 'regret' claim of rape from someone as well as had someone accuse me (to the point where police were involved) of rape and child molestation purely because they were angry at me. I was fortunate enough to have the truth come out before charges were filed and I didn't face arrest.

    I can't stand movies that portray or glorify rape or abuse to women. My wife is a stay-at-home mother who I love dearly, to the point I list her occupation as 'domestic goddess' because that is how I view her.

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