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X-mas money = X-mas Diapers!!

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Well i got a good bit of money from the holidays so what could I spend it on.... Yup!! PADDING!!

I ordered 2 10 packs of ABU's new sissy diaper (was on sale), and a pack of Super dry kids.

Now for the thing that shocked me. I CAN ORDER FROM BAMBINO AGAIN!!! I went to the site just to look at the diaper's i wished to get thinking i would not be able to get some anyway but silly pressing checkout any way. I raised a eyebrow when it went to the next page and all my Paypal shipping address were not grayed out like normal I selected the my US shipping address and it went to the next step! Paypal or Bambino must changed the rule for people that order with a address that is outside the US.

When i saw i can do that i quickly when to the home page and selected a 2 pack of Bellissimo I have yet to try these since they blocked me from ordering. Hearing how good these are i had to get them now. I also selected a Variety Case (thats 2 Bags Classico, 2 Bags Bianco, and 2 Bags Teddy.)

In all that about 94 diapers in total! (well 74 since the sissy diapers dont ship till sometime next year) With this many diapers plus the bunch i have at home i should be set for a while before needing to order again.


  1. oleman72's Avatar
    That's a good way to spend extra money and have more variety in your diapers. Good luck too you.
  2. lilkayden's Avatar
    Sound like your going to have a good time I haven't tried the bellissimo's myself but they should be good hehe enjoy your diapers :3
  3. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I've been trying to use some of my money to order Christmas diapers as well... the only problem is trying to find somewhere where I can get a p.o. box. All of the places close to me seem to be filled up!

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