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National Service

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Basic Military Training (BMT).

These three words define every Singaporean Son. Being a small country surrounded by larger, still-hostile neighbours, there is a need for every healthy male Singaporean to be conscripted into the army. For two years during the prime of our lives, we put down our books and jobs, and pick up rifles and regimentation in the name of defending our country.

But why do we do it? All of our female and non-citizen peers have a two year headstart in the University/College or in their respective jobs. War over petty things just seems stupid in an era of diplomacy. And let's face it, after these 2 years we still have a reservist liability (return for training updates) every year till the age of 30++. So why do we do it?

Frankly, I have really started to look for the answer to these question. Maybe it is a bit too early, it has only been about 2 weeks since I enlisted in BMT. Time will definetely tell why some family members chose an army carreer while most shunned it.

But in the first 2 weeks I have definetely had the time to do quite a bit of soul searching. And yes, diapers did pop up in my mind. It certainly started haunting me on the very first day when I was one of the 8 people in my platoon appointed as the toilet I/C. Toilet I/C!!! At home I use diapers to poop, so technically I kept my toilet clean. Why did karma deal me such a disgusting blow? And some people can't even aim their no.2! Utter ridiculousness! I won't say more about this but it really got me thinking - what was I doing, being made to clean the toilet? But a good soldier does not complain about his given tasks(though I just did).

I certainly did not dwell in this aspect of my life for long - training is tough and we get tired. But there and some references here and there. The Physical Training (PT) shorts are like FBTs, and when you sit down one looks like he is wearing a black diaper. And when we sleep, I greatly miss the warmth and comfort of the diapers at night(it was never sexual for me). I was never a betwetter but being able to go when you wanted to was a plus.

But ultimately, I have been getting used to a life without diapers. It will be a very, very long time before I can finally wear one but it will have to wait. Soldiers don't wear diapers, do they?

BMT(Bowel Movement Training) has commenced.

P.S. This post is about my feelings on NS and NS life ans is not to be regarded in any other way.
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