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Leopard Angst: The Life of a Deft Leppard

Wildest Dreams

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I had the weirdest, but most enjoyable dream last night. I was in an AB Store, but it was nothing like I had ever seen. Near was the store manager and resembled Willy Wonka for some reason, and Moo was the owner/mascot walking around in a cow suit. It had several floors of nothing but *B/DL, and Furry items and included a nursery (complete with caretakers of all kinds), Indoor play area, an Indoor roller coaster and was about the size of a large Cabela's. It was hidden under a building, only accessible by a secret code (distributed by ADISC) that you punched in to a keypad on the elevator. It was a diapered paradise!


  1. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    Definitely! If I ever get enough money for the start up costs, I'll attempt to build this wonderful dreamland....... maybe the other AB product companies would sponsor it if I used or sold their products there.
  2. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    With the nursery, we could have weekend vacation packages available too!
  3. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    At least we'd only need one boat:P Though I can't imagine what the ship builders would say if I told them to replace the bedrooms with a nursery and mahogany changing tables.....
  4. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    lol I wonder how many of us would book an AB/DL cruise..... I'd hate to spend 50 million on a 150' yacht and have nobody show up....
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    As much as I tend to be verbose...le'me just say...FUuuNNN! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.