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We have been through the mill.........

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Greetings to all at Adisc.

I have seen the recent events unfolding here with policy chances with regards to 18 and over only, and i personally am glad from a potential legal standpoint for Adisc.

Many will have nowhere to go and my heart goes out to these young people who have to keep their secret, even more secretive.

I heard about the new doccie that has caused us to be the 'IT' topic of conversation on Twitter, while being insulted, ridiculed and generally misunderstood with a strong tone of hatred.

We get compared with the 'P' word which i don't even want to mention.

This is not what i wanted to say on this blog......

As a South African celebrating the festive season in a heat wave down in Cape Town, i want to say to all members of Adisc.

I don't know any of you, but i know how good you are as individuals having read alot of the posts here, that you are good human beings with the power to change society for the better.

I deeply care for all of you on here as my well being is dependent on everybody's personal success of the acceptance journey.
It may sound shallow but im emotionally committed to people trying their best to stay happy here, as we need each other in times like these.
Its the festive season, we need to love ourselves so we can love our family and friends, and improve as human beings.

You are a talented, open and kind hearted bunch of people which i have not seen on any forum on the Internet.

I deeply care for you all on a level of common interest along with the spirit of humanity.

I wish we could get Lady GAGA onboard to help fight this awful stigma so many of us are challenged with today.

Its matters not, however as long as you have the acceptance within you.

Happy holidays and i love you all!

Regards Luckyfish.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    How beautifully put Luckyfish!!

    I am remembering to be thankful here as well, and if I may... steal the opportunity to say to those, who say "this is just (another)(a) website, it's not real, it's not that important...

    ...can you not at least see why, for some of really is that important, it really is that real!

    Just as a community, notwithstanding the particular 'menu' of issues, this for me also, has proven to be one of the, if not the...standard de facto, of online community. No, I don't go much around other sites...but I haven't felt that I've needed to either.

    No one here, has laid hand nor eye on me, nor have I any of we not see and feel each-other just the same?

    We [u]have[/u] been through the mill! ...and look at us, coming up through the ashes...perhaps better than ever, and let's hope in some ways at least...irrevocably changed!

    Not meaning to be a 'cheer-leader' (though I wouldn't mind the out-fit ;-) ) ...I am moved!

    Thank you ADISC! Thank you Luckyfish! And thank you, my friends!
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