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RIP Teenager – A rant-thingy

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... Never thought I´d rant about anything...

When I joined ADISC, I thought it´s different.
I really thought it´s a place of freedom, a place where everyone´s being treated equally, despite their age.
The pessimist-me used to say that times would change.
Change for the worse.
I can´t believe I was right.

Once again, reality shows its ugly face.
Once again, people are forced to follow rules they
don´t want to accept.

Congratulations to all of us, all of us that have the luck of being a few years older than those that were kicked. We are superior.
Once again, „adult“ people make their innocent little children obey their words. Awesome.
I feel so good right now.

Fuck the fact that teenagers are well aware of things like „alcohol“, „danger“, „sexuality“, or „porn“.
Fuck the fact that many of those cute little kids are more mature than most of the so called adults.
Fuck the most fundamental rights of human beings as well.
Fuck everything.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.

It´s okay, I´m allowed to say that. I´m 19. That makes me perfect. And mature. So fucking mature.

When I was still a baby, 17 to be precise, I had no idea about this crazy thing called „life“.
But hell, at age 18, there suddenly was this bright light, a soft, warm breeze, and I immediately felt overwhelmed with pure intelligence, wisdom and awesomeness. Yup, that´s how growing up works.
Now, let´s go on, shall we? I have some ideas.

First, we should transform the whole internet into an 18+ sex-shop-social-network.
Let´s call it Inter-fap.
A place for all of the actually good people with brains and penises and vaginas.
And by good, I mean over 18. Of course.
But why just the internet?
How about making everything 18+?
Cinemas, bars, parks, hotels, ... schools. Everything. Because everything´s better without those creepy little children around, right? Right?! Yeah! ... Well, I guess they´re good enough for being murdered in stupid wars, begun by us, but that´s it.
Oh, I´m so happy!
Finally, no more whining about shit like „My classmates beat me up every day because I´m IC“, „My parents say they hate me for being like this“, or „... Goodbye... forever...“.
Finally, this has become the place it´s supposed to be.
Thank you, whoever made this possible!

Second, we should ban everyone with a desire to wear diapers.
Seriously, noone can stand those freaks anyway, so who cares?
Just kick them all. That´ll teach them be the person they are!
Additionally, we should really think about banning those... „strangers“.
You know. People from countries like Europe.
Or Asia.
Or Africa.
My favourite countries.
Come on, all of them are terrorists.
You know it, I know it, so just stop playing around and make them leave this wonderful site!
Okay, anyone left?
Incontinent people? Pft, they´re sick, noone´s going to miss them.
Furries? FurFags. Burn them.
Sissies? ... No reason required.

I´m an adult! Fuck yeah!
Sorry, had to mention it at least once.
More than 6570 days on this planet!
Screw the teenagers!
They´re not even able to comprehend the complex structures
of the Intwernetz, so why let them use it!?
I ... oh, um, wait a second...

Hey, you there! Asshole! Get a job you stupid kid!
I´m better than you!
I have rights!
You´re supposed to respect me! Obey me! Lick my shoes!
Do as I say! Cut your hair you damn faggot-punk-asshole-pig-monster! ... What?... You´ve just had your 18th birthday?
Excuse me Sir, I must have mistaken you.

... Ahem, excuse me. Just some adult stuff. Nothing special.
What was I about to say? Right.

I really think everything´s going to be alright now.
It´s done.

Now, let´s just keep going.
I´m sure there´s much left to be said about religion, racism and politics in the mature topics section.
When teenagers were still allowed here, those conversations always ended up in stupid fights, ignorance, arguments, and childish behaviour.
I´m so glad that, finally, fi-nal-ly, these times have come to an end...

Thank you.

Traditionally, this is where a rant ends, but I don´t feel like shutting up yet.
I would like to point out that I´m more saddened than angry, not a fan of the F-word (or rants), and that this rant (of course) is not meant to be some offensive kind of rage-filled judgment or something (even though it might sound like that to some degree).
It´s more... my way of showing some appreciation for everything the younger members have done for this community.
So, no offense, everyone.

To all the ones that were banned:
I know how you´re feeling right now. I really do, believe me.
And I promise:
No matter how far from reaching age 18 you are, no matter whether or not you like me, I´ll be here to welcome you back the day you´re allowed to sign up again!
And I´m sure most other members will be there too.

Don´t feel alone.
This is not the end.
It´s just a break.


  1. DylanK's Avatar
    Oh I giggled so hard... I've been upset all day and ill on top of that but this cheered me up just a little.
  2. Ronbeast's Avatar
    Heh heh, this kinda helped...
  3. Maverick's Avatar
    wait... is this a rant or a poem???
  4. ShadowHare's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Countdown
    wait... is this a rant or a poem???
    I... have no idea.
    It started as a wish list for christmas...
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