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Updates of recent internet life...and some stuff too

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Ok...So if you go to bulbapedia and look around for MegamanDX and noticed that guy is banned....Here's the reason: People getting pretty pissed off about my ideas I have,it allways seems like my ideas get me in troble all the time when you know you want it to happen...So I was put into a situation where in order for it to stop is to play the internet rules and make it look like they won so,I had my self banned for three months to get people off my back.
...[I].On a related note[/I]: It seems our well known Pamperchu is making him self very poplar in the "normal" part of the fandom [url=]Today I learned about Pamperchu... - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums[/url] Careful pal...Normal dont like strange after all you know.

..............I hope me opening up on there about my diaper fetish didn't screw everyone else over that's playing the safe cards....My fault if thats the case and very sorry,my reasons for opening up on a normal Pokemon fandom web site I go to all the time is that not because I wanted acceptance but I just wanted to here about how people felt about our world being strange and that nobody no matter what is normal


And to some people who have doubts about my changing Pokemon with PKMN BN[/I]: Pokemon Battle Network isnt that bad other then the fact that it will be anime style batting(grid format) with a decent and strange story that will get you asking questions the whole time your playing it. The point is to get you to think about things like, your life,your friends, family everything that matters to you(I guess people don't like thinking about anything when playing video games huh?)while allways wondering what else will happen. So im going to work instead on Super Pokemon World,the action platformer game that you explore the Pokemon world and all its beauty's collecting gems and berrys and traveling in death routes and levels and such....

Oh and on Jan 11th,im having this guy from the well known web site ([url=]Baby Per Sempre - Home of the Original SnuggleBums Fleece Adult Diaper Covers[/url]) finally with enough money,turn my Blaziken fabric into a AIO diaper...Alltho I will wear it like normal underwear because I know all to well that cloth dont really do that well compared to science...YEAAAY!!!!

So I say good day and hello to my safe haven web site where everyone is open and talks in a non bias way...Peace.......


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that you had to self-ban, but it was probably for the best if the atmosphere was getting toxic. Regarding the former ADISC user: I figured he was not long for this world after that particular thread -- which is, unfortunately, immortal now. So goes the interwebz. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.