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Another blog entry of life in genaral.

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My first blog entry was a bit depressing. For some strange reason, my attitude picked up after posting that. Not much else has changed.

At this time, I have backed off on my exercise routine to lessen knee pain. I still complete some legs exercises and aerobic activity, just reduced the weight a little. This has helped to make each day more pleasant. This has allowed me to spend more time outside doing more pleasant things. This past weekend, I had fun removing the rear brake lines from my truck! Next weekend, I am hoping to install the new lines.

Work is still the same at this time, but higher level personnel have begun discussing me moving to a new position. This should be nice. At a minimum, will change the monotony. At best, could provide a mental challenge that makes time fly and work fun.

The weather has begun the slow downward trend to Florida winter. The snow birds have already started migrating down here. This means good weather for several months. Hurray for low heat! Still, I do miss snow, but shall get plenty of that during a vacation in October.

Thanks Lukie for helping to put things into perspective! It means much to me.

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