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Strange days

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I think I've had a couple of... interesting days now. Yes. Well worth writing about, at the very least. So, what evil has befallen me?

You see, I had an exam yesterday, quite a big one at that! It was about developmental psychology, and we started writing at 2PM sharp. It's a good time to start it, since then we've had time to eat, prepare a bit and all that. Makes the test all the more enjoyable. Nevertheless, I think I nailed it, yay me. But, then things started to go iffy.

The thing is, there was a storm here, affecting pretty much the entirety of Sweden. Snow storm, blizzard, whatever you want to call it. Walking to the station was hell, my face was insanely cold, and to be honest, I wasn't exactly properly dressed for a hike in that kind of weather. But, after a ~ 45 minute trek, I arrived there. Dear lord. But, you see, due to the storm, all trains and buses where cancelled, so basically, I had no way to get back home to Stockholm.

I was stranded. Far away from my home, from my warm apartment. That's when the panic slowly creeped up on me. I mean, what was I supposed to do, where was I supposed to go? I do not have those fancy internet thingies in my cell-phone, so I couldn't really get in touch with the majority of my class - to try to fetch a place to stay the night. Yes, I know, I should have their numbers, but I don't. I don't like texting, and I rarely call people.. cell phones have a tendency to distance people, rather than bringing them together.

I'm digressing. So, I went to a café, stayed there until they closed, and by then it was not only freezing cold, snowy and windy, but also dark. Lovely. Thankfully, I managed to get to one of the fraternities of the university, where they let me borrow their internet for a while. From there, I could get in touch with a very special someone in my class, whom I've already talked about in my last two blog posts. So, she invited me home to hers, we made dinner, talked the evening away and decided to go to bed. No blow-up matresses or silly things like that, sharing (bed) is caring, you know.

We went up at 7AM, enjoyed a brief breakfast, and walked back to the school. Compulsory lecture at 8:15AM, right after an exam... lovely. At this time, I had barely slept anything. I was worn out in every way, basically. But, the weather had eased down, and after a few hours, I was finally back home again.

So, I'm tired as hell, but I'm, also quite content regarding how the evening ended. Lovely! Although, it was one strange day indeed.

Also, got my next exam in no less than 13 days, on a book that's roughly 600 pages long. Holy hell. Well, nothing that a few glasses of red wine, sleeping- and pain pills can't fix.

See you guys later.

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