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First Time in Molicare Super Plus!

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So I just got done with 7-8 hours straight of Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics homework and decided to reward myself with my first non-depends diaper: Molicare Super Plus. Boy are they thick and comfy! If only they were white, not purple. It was a little awkward putting it on, though. It wasn't as easy as the depends with tapes... I'll get better with practice, though. I'll also see how absorbent they are.

Buying them was quite an adventure. I had been looking online on different forums and such where I could get better than depends diapers and heard that a little pharmacy that's only a couple-minute's drive from my school's campus had molicare super plus, so I drove there today. It was a small pharmacy, but they had what I wanted. Unfortunately, due to the small, helpful environment, a worker got me right away, wanting to help me. He quickly asked who they were for, and without thinking, I lied and said that it was for my grandpa and I was sent on an errand to get these specific kinds. I kinda feel bad about lying, but oh well. He did take like 5 minutes behind the counter, though, making sure the price was right at $33 for a pack of 14. It was the "right" price, which surprised us both. I still bought two packs, though because I actually had cash at the moment and I wanted a nice stash without having to come back soon. I was proud that I held my composure throughout the whole time. I usually just use the self-checkouts at walmart for depends....

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