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Taking a break from diapers for a bit.

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After 10 days straight of sleeping in cloth diapers at night, I gonna lay off for a week, or until Sleep in Diapers Friday at least. Despite the fact that they help me not have to get up in the middle of the night, they are causing me to sleep not so well because of my concern for leaks. It's not really a purge because I'm not getting rid of my diapers, just taking a break from wearing them.

I can't wait until we can use our sewing machine to make my own. We have the machine, but it's a Christmas present from a relative, so we have to hide it till Christmas. Then maybe I can build a diaper that fits me right and is less prone to leaking where I usually leak. The cloth work so much better than the disposables, but I'm still having leak problems. I guess I'll see what develops.
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