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Can't believe I'm 21 on Friday

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Well, as the blog title suggests, I can't believe that I am turning 21 on Friday. It's scary just how quickly time goes. I remember turning 20 like it was yesterday and that was bad enough seeing as I turned out of being a teen officially.

The first thing I intend to do is shave off my moustache that I have been growing for Movember. I absolutely detest having a moustache, it makes me look too much like an adult :P

Since all my friends live all over the UK, it's hard for me to invite people down for the day, especially with christmas only a few weeks away. What I plan on doing is going to the movies after lunch and then spend the evening with a nice meal out with the family, maybe have a few drinks, I'm not one for getting drunk too much!

On Saturday though, my parents have organised a not so secret party with the family I haven't seen in a while so that should be good. I'll probably make an exemption of getting drunk on that day :P

The only real downer is that my boyfriend won't be there with me, which got me down a lot today, but I know I'll get to talk to him loads and any money I make will go towards another vacation so that makes me happy

Because it's still November, I am Mr Grinch around the house and at work, only until my birthday is officially over will I start getting in the christmas spirit. So on that note....

Bah Humbug to you all :P

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