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I made a freestyle!

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call me a fool, this ryhme here is a jewel and its cruel. I'll spool like a turbo hittin the line, dropping the ryhme all the time, fake ass N***a's commitin a crime all in a line and now bitch its your time.

Benz? thats a lend and I bet I'll make it bend. Get a a chevy cuz its heavy and it goes well with levie. Now Dr, euro thats worth zero stop trying to be a hero your not one and I'm far from done.

Bed? thats a neg, to this spot i'm a reg. Catch me in the Chevy lookin all heavy with the 24's and I got me some whores and I aint done no chores and I bring out the boards while chokin people with the cords.

I got bored with a friend on msn and we started ryhming, I came up with that and he couldn't top me

(No offense to anybody)


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