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Im back!

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Hey hey! Its me!
After about two months of abscence Im finally back!

... Okay, could you at least pretend to be happy?... No?
Well, too bad for you, because I decided to give you a little insight into everything thats happened during my offline-time.
Dont worry, Ill try to make it short.

So, where do I... Hey, where do you think youre going?
Drop your mouse immediately!...
Nice try...

Okay, what was I about to say? ...
Right, where do I begin?
Well, first off: Im 19 now. Chronologically :p
It was a normal, boring birthday, and nothing special or unexpected happened... except for the presents and congratulations of course.
I dont feel older, I dont feel better, nothing changed, everythings just the way it was. More or less. Im still the crazy little pessimist I used to be. And thats okay. Kind of.

Now, lets get to one of the main reasons for my inactivity:
My internet-connection died. Once again. For no apparent reason. And fixing it took me two long weeks (that felt like two years).
Can you imagine being offline for two weeks? Can you?
Out there, alone with all those not-diaper-wearing freaks! The pain! The madness! I was forced to do things like... staring at my desktop! For hours! Humans called friends sent me old-school-paper-messages and invited me to horrible, horrible places... crawling with even more humans!
It wasnt easy.
But at least this time without internet gave me the opportunity to work with a little less distraction than usual.
And thats good. I guess.

What else?
Well, finally, after six years of waiting, agent 47 is back.
Hitman Absolution was released.
I pre-ordered it, spent some time with the art-book and the making-of-DVD, and should be able to play it for the first time tomorrow.
I cant describe how excited I am. Its like... I dontt know... Christmas, Birthday, and the day of wearing my first diapers together. Unfortunately, its a tuesday, and work is going to keep me from playing all day/night... well, unless the game is as awesome as Im imagining it... And we all know: Its even better... sooo... yeah...

Oh, right, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has started... okay, by the time Im writing this season 1 is almost over,
but still, lets talk about it for a while.
Short version: Its pretty cool.
Seriously, it came from nowhere, totally unexpected, and I thought Huh? TMNT? Cant remember the last time I heard news about the turtles... well see how this turns out..., and now Im looking forward to every new episode.
Well, the original, english episodes, not the stuff we germans get to see... can you believe they censored it? They-censored-it!
Thats just... stupid. I mean, come on! COME ON!
Theres no blood, no swearing, its a damn cartoon!...
Ill never get used to this countrys censorship-policy.


Okay, back to topic. I like the characters, I like the story (so far),
I like the style, the jokes, and its just great to have the turtles back, considering the huge nostalgia-aspect.
Finally a show thats cool enough for my adult-side and still appropriate for the younger Me.
Nice. Really nice.

Speaking of the younger Me, sadly, there hasnt been much diaper action lately.
There wasnt even enough time for some furry-art.
Work, stress, work, not optional obligations, work... you know,
the stuff also known as every DLs nemesis.
Im going to be all alone for the next 4-5 weeks. Thats right.
Totally and completely alone. Just me, the fridge, and my cat.
At least four weeks of pure privacy. What does that mean?
I dont know...
Oh, wait, I do!
Ill have to order a new pack of diapers. Or two.
Yep, its going to be a great time.
Especially since I bought a new bottle, but had no chance to use it yet.

Something less interesting, but still mentionable in my opinion:
A few days ago there was a small report about furries on tv.
Not the most informative 4-minute-quick-report Ive ever seen, but it was nice to see some positive resonance concerning actual furries, and not just people with a latex-dog-mask-fetish.
It also reminded me of all the crazy ADISC-people on here, and after that I just had to come back as soon as possible ^^

Okay, I think thats about it already. The most essential things have been said.
See, I told you Id make it short.
Its almost over.


Now, has anything special been going on? What did I miss?
Site-errors? Explosions?
Any news on the whole Furry-World-Domination-thing?
Has the self-cleaning diaper been invented already?

Give me all the information you have!

Cuddles, and hugs, and stuff to all of you!
Being able to fill the forums with my wise words of... wisdom again feels great!

... oh, and happy world-toilet day/evening!
Make the best of it ^^


  1. ShadowHare's Avatar
    Its never too late for a nice little welcome ^^

    Well, good to hear theres not much I... wait a second...
    Highly respected member?
    How sad.
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