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A bad past comes back to get me.

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Long before I became a DL I in fact had an absolute need to wear diapers. From the age of 4 I've had a weak bladder. It got so bad during my earlier years that I ended up wetting myself in class three times in a given day. It wasn't so much urge incontinence as the fact that my bladder never wanted to work properly. I can honestly thank my Biological father for this. If he had not abused my mom while she still carried me I wouldn't have gone into shock for four months of her pregnancy. And then I wouldn't have Underdeveloped muscles in various parts of my body. It was only for roughly 4 years (14-18) that my Enuresis was almost completely under control. Then My brother dies, and my dad a month after him. It bothered me so much I stopped doing almost everything for a while. as a result of one of them being to take my bathroom break regimen, I got knocked back down to square 1. Now I even have to wear my diapers to work so i dont wet myself in the middle of the store. Only one of my friends who works there knows about it. its embarrassing to tell people in the first place since i havent had to before. I hope I can get this regimen back before I head for basic training in January. Otherwise I may have a serious amount of explaining to do with my Sergents.

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