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Im a Caretaker now!

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My friend and I have been working with RP's for a while. in fact they help him with his screenplays and other things he writes. We have become really close friends. I finally tell him two weeks ago about my Diaperfur side, and get to have the surprise of finding out that hes been a babyfur for a while!! o.o to say the least i was surprised. The next personal RP we do it ends up incorporating our Diaper sides. We are continuing to progress on this RP, and let me tell you, we have come up with a really good base to work from. Ive known for a while he likes to be a sissy, so I mixed it in to what we do. Today I leave for work, not before we say our goodbyes. I leave for the next few hours; and he asks me if I can be his daddy. Im so happy he trusts me this much. And so, now I can have RP's with my Little Girl and we can bond even more. Good times are getting better

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