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Need to Vent and Blow some steam, so i'd thought i'd do it in a blog.

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20th September 2008 00:22am

On Thursday Afternoon about 3:00pm i told my mother i liked diapers, i didn't have the power to do it face to face so i did it through a letter. She understand and doesn't find the fact i like besides her thinking it is a tiny bit odd.

I am getting my diapers but with my money but i just realized something. Mother does understand me wanting to wear and se them but she doesn't understand me wanting to do it 24/7. Plus she doesn't understand how i could change myself even though thanks to reseaech and DL friends i have i know how to.

I thought i would type all this down because this is a nice private place where i can vent my feelings. I have made a choice that i do want to use them 24/7 so i know what to do. Every single thing i need connected to my diapers incl. stuff i need to get to help hide them from my friends im going to get myself and im going to wear my diapers 24/7 and use them because unfortunately mum can't stop me.

I thought i would vent on here and you know what, it actually helps. I'm not going to get my mother's help becuase it will be better if i don't.


End of Blog 1.

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