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Time passes....

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Well...several months have passed since my last blog entry. I honestly just haven't had the energy or enthusiasm necessary to write something.

Lemme see...what's new with Aya...I haven't worked since 20 May (on a medical leave of absence from work which may be extended beyond the original 20 October 'return to work' date). I'm technically still employed, but not receiving any wages. I'm battling it out with the gov't employees who determine someone's disability, or lack thereof, even when provided with a statement from attending doctors stating that the person in question is indeed disabled!

So, umm...yeah...Aya had a wee bit of a breakdown...I guess you could say...suffering severe depression and anxiety. Can we say "almost jumped off the ferry whilst crossing the harbour on the way to work"??

Anyway...I was on meds...lots 'n lots of meds...they didn't work...went off them and into a 'trial study' of a new anti-depression/anti-anxiety med...seemed to help a bit with the depression, didn't do much for the anxiety. Then again, money issues (or rather 'the lack of money' issues) aren't helping with the anxiety levels either!

So, now I'm off meds again (should be an interesting couple of weeks).

Oh, and I don't have internet at home right now, so I'm stuck dragging my laptop to the library on a daily (or nearly so) basis. I CAN access on my mobile...and MSN or Yahoo! Can't seem to do IRC (but may find a way to do that as well) :-D goes on...and on...and on.....


  1. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    aww, dont worry aya-chan, were all here fore you..
  2. avery's Avatar
    sorry to hear things have been so crappy. see you in IRC when you get back online.

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