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Footie PJs...Finally!!!

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We don't have a Target store in the city where I live, so earlier this week while on my delivery run in another town I stopped into their Target to look for the footiie PJs I've read about here. And sure enough, there they were, and on sale too!!! So I got my wife a pair of the zebra print ...almost got myself one, but wanted to see her reaction before I got one of my own. We she totally loved them, and told me I needed to get one so we'd match. No more had to be said...I picked up mine today. It's a little snug and the sleeves are a little short, but hey, I'm only gonna wear them to bed. I may go back when they go on sale again and get us the sharkie ones as well. All that has to happen now is my cloth velcro diapers show up...cloth diapers, plastic pants, footies, my paci and teddy will be so cool.

I wish I could do 'Sleep in Diapers Friday", but I have to work in the morning, and I don't like doing nappies when I have to work in the morning. Oh well....maybe sometime.

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