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This isn't much of a blog:

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I don't have much time to do this 'professionally; so I'll just spit it out as quick as I can..

I promised last month that I would write a blog comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the top four winners in my browser-user comparisons; and I also realise that it has since been over a month.

I did not expect to have three research papers all at once during this time; one of which is my major paper on Google'S influence on search engines and web marketing over time; (8-10 pages MINIMUM required; 80 note cards due by November 1st with MINIMUM 8 sources, ) and a report on this years Presidential Campaign; and the third on Days of The Dead's importance in Mexican history.

I apologise for failing to keep a promise, but at some point I honestly do plan on making this a major event. Thanks for your patience!

(Although very few know about this anyway!)

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