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This is Bloggy

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I am giving my ADISC profile, I have a profile pic now, I call him bloggy,he is a reminder that I should blog.
Without further adeiu, let me present the new me!!


Stop that racket!!


So, I was giving advice to someone today about Scratch ( And I said "Unless you want to build another program from sratch, you should ... I didn't realise that was a pun " Silly me

Also I want to hack a new Mac, (can't afford one though), and power my playstation woth the fusion drive, I might get a loan of someones! (Fat Chance)

I was going to add a bottom half to Bloggy, it was going to be an x-ray showing bones and a diaper, halfway through I realised that paint is too difficult for that and I got the one I have!

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