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Patent Shoes and Satin Slippers

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Nothing is sweeter than seeing a little girl in a dress dripping with ruffles and lace, white or pastel colored tights and patent leather shoes! To me, it is the epitome of proper dress for little girls.

Of course, I love the way little girls were dressed in the 50’s and early 60’s so this is strictly my opinion! *wink*
As a young girl living with my grandparents, I didn’t have much choice as to what I wore because my grandmother (bless her) dressed me in the same style as she dressed her own daughter. So I got to experience wearing those styles first hand and I loved every moment of it.

I remember my grandmother telling me about my mother’s only wish when she was little…and that was to have a pair of red satin slippers…the kind ballerinas used when they practiced at the barre.

It was many, many years before I was able to fulfill her dream and give her those beloved slippers. It wasn’t long after though that she passed away and the location of her slippers kept secret forever.

It amazes me how bits of leather and glue or pieces of satin cloth can bring such joy to a heart. I remember going shoe shopping just before school and how a new pair of shoes lifted the spirits.

I remember seeing other children trying them out for marching, puddle jumping, sliding across the carpet and an assortment of other playground “tests” to make sure they were the best shoes in the world or at least better than the shoes Susie or Danny from across the street wore!

I compare relationships to shoes…some can be so tight and restrictive that they cause pain with every step that is taken…a relationship that confines without consent can be just as painful and the one “wearing” it can hardly wait to get out of it.

Some shoes can be loose and not fit at all and the wearer ends up tripping over them or walking out of them because there is nothing to hold them in…a relationship that has no guidelines is also loose and will not fit many and soon, whoever is in them, will walk out of them.

Personally, I like shoes that lace up and cause the leather or cloth to wrap itself around the foot to support it…and although it is laced up securely, there is nothing to it to pull one tie or the other to release the foot from its gentle embrace.

My devotion to my sweet little girl is just like the shoes with laces…with my arms wrapped around her securely I am able to give her the much needed love and support but yet making sure they are never too tight that she cannot move.

I have heard many of my friends talk about how they long for “comfortable shoes” and how wonderful it must be to have a pair that actually fit! I smile at them and tell them that the secret to finding the perfect pair of shoes is to not follow fashion…but follow what is most comfortable for them and their feet.

I have found my comfortable shoes by being Samantha’s Mummy…and not only are they comfortable, they are warm and sturdy…just like my love for her is. Patent shoes or satin slippers…it doesn’t matter what the material is, it only matters if they are made to last!


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