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RescueChick!! :D

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Blog Two

Today I worked both jobs, the second job I work is with my girlfriend. When I came in today she found me immediately and told me to perk up because there would be little time tonight. I blushed and felt little as soon as she said it but had to shake it off so we could work.

On the way home, we had to stop at the bank to put her paycheck in, but she'd forgotten it. As I began to pull away from the ATM, I noticed a plushie on the ground!! How sad! I parked the car and scooped the little guy up. He was just torn to pieces :'(. So I brought him home, changed into a diaper, snagged my binky and set to work stitching him up. Mama was so proud that she brought me a bottle of chocolate milk, YUM! It took half an hour to stitch him up just right but I just think its good practice for later on in Big world

I named him Stitch, he's a Carter's giraffe. I think he used to play music but his box inside is broken. I don't care I finished my bottle and we took a nap on the floor together with the doggie while Mama played on the computer. But then he got put up because Mama says he's dirty :'(. Poor Stitch, he's very misunderstood I think. I'll wash him tomorrow I'm so glad I rescued him.


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