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▄bermensch - The pinnacle of human evolution

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"God is dead and the Superman shall be his successor."

The ▄bermensch.

Now we're getting somewere. Right. This may be the blog entry that makes a whole lot of readers hate me. Or at the very least I have my own hopes, I can assure you that. I have done this blog once or twice before, never here though. I always rewrite them thoroughly, and I always post them in different languages. Of course, I never know where to begin though. Shall I start by giving a short intro on Nietzsche? Maybe I should even post a shorter blog introducing the common themes of existentialism? Sartre and Kierkegaard perhaps? I'll post those topics some other day. Right now I'm feeling in the mood to stir some feelings up. With nice and pure honesty.

First of. I am an elitist. Yes. I do have a tendency to group people, based on a certain thing I value.

Now, do not label me a fascist or anything silly like that. I don't care about how much money people have, how they look, where they come from, who their family is... None of those things matter. They're trivial. I care about morality. For simplicity's sake, I shall refer to the ▄bermensch as the Superman/-men, and the other category I shall simply call sub-humans. First of, I am actually sorry for this little title in a way. It implies certain values that I would normally condemn... I merely choose them due to my pretty limited English vocabulary. So, Supermen and sub-humans.

First of, a couple of axioms to start you off with. Objectivity does not really exist. It's a construction, an illusion, constructed by lesser men. The world is subjective, and so is everything in it. You can only see the world through your eyes and no one else's. The sub-humans doesn't want to accept this, so they choose to live in ignorance. Instead of seeing the world according to themselves they choose to hide and see it as others do. They reject subjectivity, only to retreat to the comfort of imagined objectivity.

Imagine the consequenses this reasing has on morality. Everything is subjective, as I said, and so is morality. Morality is a thing that only exists inside our minds, not outside of it. The Superman moulds his morality after himself. It comes from the inside, formed out of a nihilistic view of the world. The sub-human, on the other hand, doesn't want to create his own morality. Instead he follows others, creating a hive or a pack. Or well, I guess you would call them a community. They take the easy way.

Trust me, in theory, everyone can become a Superman. But it requires sacrifice, strength and persistance.

The sub-human doesn't want to face his own choices, nor it's ensuing consequenses. He blames it on circumstance. "My teacher told me to", "My 'god' doesn't allow it..." Always pushing away one's responsibilities, trying to ease the weight.

Let me tell you one thing. We are free. We are beautiful. We can do practically whatever we want, as long as it falls within the realms of possibility. Free will, our greatest gift and our greatest curse. You see, freedom has it's consequence. You, and you alone, are responsible for your actions and their consequences. No god, no king and no authority. Just you. That's the price we pay. We are sentenced to it, it's highly ironic, being sentenced to freedom. The Superman accepts the costs and uses his freedom according to his will - the sub-human is afraid of the responsibility and therefore tries to reason that the choice wasn't his. Acceptance versus avoidance.

The sub-human doesn't choose for himself, he lets other choose for him - so he can escape the consequences of his choices - of his free will. Let me give you a concrete example. Imagine a man stranded on a boat. A sub-human would sit back and let the wind decide where to go, as he doesn't want to be in control A Superman on the other hand would take charge, set sail and choose a direction. A Superman walks, a sub-human follows.

This has nothing to do about making the right or wrong choice. Remember, objectivity does not exist. What is right to you is the right thing. As long as you do what you honestly want to, you are right. I can put it in other words for you, if it'll make you understand. A Superman want's to self-realize, a sub-human wants to be self-realized. The difference may appear subtle, but it's actually quite monumental. Life isn't about completion, to feel like you've done it all. It's about doing it, living in the moment! You can never be complete, so stop telling yourself that you can. Just try to constantly strive to be better, instead of becoming the best, since there is no such thing. Existance must come before essence. We have our essence when we have ceased to exist, ergo it's moronic to strive for it. Just exist, and the essence will come when the existance have ended. You can't have been before you are. You have to be before you have been. It makes sense.

Existance... pre-dates essence.

The Superman exists... in the present. He makes his choices and he stands by them, taking the blame for them. The sub-human tries to reason away the present, thinking that "things were better before" and "things will get better later", once again, to cower away from his choice. Effectively, a sub-human doesn't live in the present. That honor is reserved for the Superman - the deity on earth.

God is dead. It's a strange statement, since this perspective dictates that god was never even real from the start. God is merely the illusion of god. The Superman is the embodiment of what we perceive as god. Perfection. Beauty. Idol. The Superman is the deity, a deity that is attainable for us all. They are the ones who really are alive, the ones who live in the present, in the real world. These are brave, perfect and most of all beautiful individuals. I see them everyday, talk to them, laugh with them. Love.

"Yes, I am Zarathustra the Godless! Chaotic and free!"

Nietzsche, F Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883)

Memento mori <3


  1. Crassi's Avatar
    The concepts introduced in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, mainly the death of God and the ▄bermensch, continue to stir up controversies and debates even after well over a century. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and please, have a pleasant day.
  2. BabyBeau's Avatar
    Interesting, though I'm not sure that morality can be fully subjective. If morality is only what is moral to me and me alone, then what is to stop me from raping your wife and stealing your stuff? It;s not immoral to me or I would not have done it, and it does not matter if you think it's moral. If it's moral, then it is the right thing to do, and if it's the right thing to do then it shouldn't be a crime. This seems like a road to anarchy. Like communisim, it looks good on paper, but only works based on assuming basic goodness in people that does not exist for everyone. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.