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Hello world! :)

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I'm starting this blog so that I can write about my experiences as being new to this. Since my girlfriend and I stumbled into this together, and fell pretty easily into roles, it's been an adventure. I don't necessarily need followers or even comments, this is just my space to have a conversation with myself I suppose . However, feel free to comment, I'll try to answer if necessary

Blog One

I haven't felt good the past week or so, no obvious reason why, but I finally made it through to my days off. Last night my girlfriend and I went out, played some pool and had a great time. When we returned home, I had said something about putting a diaper on, but then pretty rapidly changed my mind as it can sometimes be a hassle and I just wanted to study. She would not hear of it! She said that since I had mentioned it, it was into a diaper I was going. I don't argue with her when she puts on her Mama face, so into the diaper I went.

I laid on this odd blanket we have, it's a fur blanket - but it's not fur, it's faux fur with a satin border. Anyway, I laid on this blanket to study so that I could spread everything out as she was at the desk. I have to say, it was comforting to lay at her feet while I studied. Even the dog joined me and cuddled up next to me. I didn't really get much studying done since I was so comfy, and the dog made it warm plus I had my binky... I should have known nothing productive would come of it.

Finally, she announced she was going to bed. I said I'd stay up and study some, hoping to get at least a few parts of the chapter read, but she said no - bed time. I will say here that she knew I'd already gone over this chapter a few times - I have a test today and was really only just refreshing. At any rate, she dragged me off to bed diapered with binky. I'll leave the more... adult parts of our lives out of this blog. But I will say, Mama does know best - I slept, for lack of a better term, like a baby and woke up ready for this test. I'm very confident.

I apologize in advance, this blog may be very boring.
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  1. whisko's Avatar
    welcome to the blog section! :-) keep it up, good luck on your test, and hope you feel better soon.
  2. TraumaChick's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by whisko
    welcome to the blog section! :-) keep it up, good luck on your test, and hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks!! I'm not sure how I did yet :/ and thanks for the welcome!
  3. TraumaChick's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by DylanK
    (Can't comment on your other blog, bug maybe?) Just thought I'd better mention you should probably wash your new plushi, well done on rescuing him
    Thanks!! I just couldn't leave him out there he's due to go in the wash tonight actually I'm SUPER excited. I'll post pictures of him sometime. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.