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The state of console gaming today.

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Hi guys.

Ever since i actively started my diaper fetish, other parts of me have come alive.
For the past few months i have been collecting retro game consoles.

Since May i have gathered 20 of them from the game and watch to the Sega Dreamcast , N64 etc.
Its a part of me as my DL'ism and its an awesome hobby going to charity shops and finding rare gems just lying there for next to nothing.
Of course i have spent thousands getting rarities in good nick and importing from Japan, and even sold my PS3 to fuel my hobby further.

I used to play these classics from PC emulators such as Mame, Project 64, Snes 9X.
Until i discovered the original Xbox and a great little application called CoinOps, it emulates consoles very good, in fact im no longer interested in Mame.

Why do i collect these machines?
I plan on opening a retro gaming museum someday and have our future generation of kids see these puppies in action, because there are strong rumors that the next generation of consoles will be the final incarnation of console gaming as we know it.

We have it so great in this day and age with graphics looking like the special effects from movies in Hollywood and everyone that has grown up in the PS2, XBOX or later generation hasn't truly experienced the evolution of gaming from the glorious eighties and how fun those games were.

Gameplay was everything and graphics were pretty or an afterthought against the gameplay.

When 3D games became mainstream with the advent of PS1, gameplay was reinvented and lost at the same time, however Mario 64 is still once of the most revolutionary games ever made to this day.

Sega, once a gaming behemoth blazed the industry with the Genesis/Megadrive, and really had some great games with the Saturn and the legendary Dreamcast which bombed out in epic proportions.
Due to lack of marketing on Sega's part, underpowered hardware up againsed PS2's DVD capabilty and its own failures like the MegaCD, 32X and many considered the Saturn a flop(I disagree).
Despite the Dreamcast having games released as late as 2008, and the most hits of every gaming genre on one console.

2D gaming is now a fraction of what it was and Rovio games keeping it alive with Angry birds and Capcoms attempts to keep its Megaman series alive by launching games on Xbox live and Playstation Store.
I was looking at a review of Capcom vs SNK for the original Xbox and the reviewers were talking about how dated 2D graphics are in age of 3D.
So when games like King of Fighters go 3D it kills of the beauty of of a franchise and utterly fails against its 3D counterparts like Tekken, Dead or alive.

With Hardware specs getting more advanced for some reason great handrawn 2D games were irrelevant.
Chrono Trigger for the Snes is one game that is etched into my mind forever and the Final Fantasy series.
Just look in 10 years time how the 3d version of Final fantasy or any great 3D game will be totally irrelevant because games are now defined by a mainstream approach and graphics are everything.

Nintendo does Paper Mario and New Super Mario bros, so thankfully they still pay homage to where it all started, along with the Zelda games which i must admit focus heavily on story which thankfully saves the franchise, along with it always using a new aspect of Nintendo's unique hardware.

Capcom were 2D gods with the Megaman series being one of my favorite series ever for its difficult gameplay.

We are all spoilt for choice nowadays and as far as im concerned the graphics of the PS3 and 360 are still good enough without need to reinvent the wheel.

However if the Playstation Orbis and 720 abolish the second hand game market, they could potentially drive gaming underground and destroy the console games industry as we know it.
I hope the Ouja console comes to fruition and blazes a trail into the highly competitive console market and allows the Games developers to thrive, with its interesting take on development friendly platform featuring Tegra 3 which is close to 360 and PS3 specs.
Games have their legacy, and i think gaming as we know it is in alot of trouble as new ideas are really few and far between and games are merely rehashed sequels upon sequels.

Nintendo killed off the Wii by slowing releases down to a trickle and focused on the 3DS, instead of pushing out games for a machine that outsold both the 360 and PS3, and flooded the console with shovelware /crappy games that insulted a proud Nintendo fan.
The PS2 is still standing toe to toe with the Wii in this country and are almost the same price!
What were they thinking!
However with a man like Shigeru Miyamoto, on top of Nintendo's innovation, anything is possible.

We are coming to the end of this generation of consoles with the immanent launch of Wii-U, and Nintendo my favorite all time brand, needs this machine to succeed, for the sake of console gaming as we know it, or it too will fall like Sega and producing its titles for other consoles and totally become irrelevant in todays console market.

That said im not interested in the Wii-U now and will get a 360, to catch up on some excellent titles since i last sold my Xbox arcade which RROD'ed on me.
That and Grand Theft Auto 5, which i cannot wait to play.

Here is a point i like to make though.

Back in the day when the Playstation was number one and the Saturn was considered crap, i could pick up a Saturn for a fifth of the price.
Today i can still easily locate a PS1 console for dirt cheap but the Sega Saturn has not only become rare but also highly collectible, heck its one of the consoles i have yet to get and it aint gonna be cheap for me.

Forgive the rant, i just want to reflect and preserve the glory days of gaming, whilst playing games in this generation, which i haven't done too much of sadly.

What are your thoughts?

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