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Hey guys! ... It's me! Yumi! *looks around* Don't you remember me?


The group home is alright, actually. The staff are nice, even though they're a bit strict... And listen to my doctor more than me... And junk. Uhm, there's a lot of drama with the girls, which is pissing me off... Only one girl really. The rest are pretty cool. I have a room with 2 beds in it, but currently no roommate. I hope I get my own room when another girl moves in, if one does.

Uhm, in other news: My doctor is increasing the dosage of my meds, just by a little. I really don't like that fact, but I have no choice but to live with it.

I didn't know I had to ability to refuse my meds there, well, I did until they talked to my doctor.

So for 4 days I was med free and all over the place. =D I was *Happy-Sad-Happy-Sad-Angry-Happy-Sad-Sad-Sad-Angry-Happy-Irritated-Flat-Happy-Angry-etc.* And really scary things began to happen again. It's not like they don't happen when I take it... It's like, it's blinding me, but I still see them sometimes when I do take it. You know?

I wasn't allowed to use the phone for a bit during those 4 days because I spazzed out and threw the phone and stuff.. >.<

On the plus side, I managed to dye my hair pink!

I'm at school, if you're wondering about the internet. Yes. I dared to go on ADISC at school.

I told the girls there about me and everything I am, they agree with me and called me "a legend." They now are also afraid of the alien in the vent and stuff.

Anyways, that's all I really have to say for now.

Bye everyone!

Luv ya!


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