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Life goes on...PUL pants coming, van is fixed, printer working for now.

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Well I should get my new PUL pants today. I liked the Leakmasters, but they started harden. I don't like the fact that they really can't be washed in a machine. Anyway, I can't wait to try the PULs this weekend. Hopefully my new cloth velcros will come soon...I'm getting anxious to try them.

I think our van is finally fixed. Twice in the shop for cooling system issues, and now we have no leaks. It's a load off my mind, but also a load out of my checkbook as well.

I found out how to override my laser printer's "Replace Black Cartridge" message...I can't use it at all when it shows this. So I can print for a few more days, at least until I get my new black toner. Don't know why I didn't think of checking this before.

Oh well, back to life.

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