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Operation: #2--success!

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...I didn't mean it that way.

Some updates on my life--I got a puppy! He's a little Black Havanese with Silver socks and stomach. I named him "Apollo". :3 As he is brand new (as of yesterday), I only got a few things from that petshop--a purple collar, purple leash, tin bowl, a thing of food, one bag of treats, some piddle pads, and a thing of puppy shampoo. As such--I needed to get to PetSmart, in order to buy more piddle pads, some new toys, some milkbones, and a custom ID tag. x3

But hey--there's a walgreens right next door...and it just so happens to have some really great baby powder and lotion.

So--I was gone a little longer than expected, and I came home with a brand-spankin' new pack of Depends for Women (nearly out of my Tena), with my grandmother (whom I live with) none the wiser.


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