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My over reaction

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I am in some Facebook groups and in one of them, a member there decides to post a video of Stanley Thorton and he said along the lines of "I try to be understanding as possible but I just can't understand this, it actually makes me sick. I'm not sure if it's at his lifestyle or disgust at myself for feeling like I am being all judgmental."

I then tell him to grow up and that there is nothing wrong with being an adult baby. He isn't out abusing anyone or molesting anyone nor hurting anyone so what is the problem? Then I tell him I am also a AB/DL so I must make him sick too so judge away.

I usually don't care what people say online about it and I can ignore it and not let it bother me but to see it in a group I am in did bother me so I reacted to the "makes me sick" comment.

Then a drama breaks out and another person I know online said she would kill anyone who is in to this and told the OP he is disgusted at his lifestyle. Another person stood up for our lifestyle even though she isn't into it but she felt that person's comment was out of line.

I am usually a logical person but sometimes my emotions get in the way so I react to whatever set me off and unintentionally ignore the big picture, the logic and the context of the words. Then I was rational after the OP replied to me and I realized he didn't mean it like that when he said those words. I re read the OP again and saw I over reacted. I did read the whole thing before but I interpreted it differently and then I interpreted it in another way when I re read it and saw the comment wasn't that bad. It was the words "sick" that set me off because I see enough judgments about us already and the bigotry about us. That person who said she would kill us all, I blocked her so I wouldn't have to see her again. I didn't bother arguing with her or standing up to her.

But I feel dumb at the same time for how I reacted at first because emotions are a dumb thing and that is what they do to us, make us act all stupid and I was stupid and I know how much I hate stupid people. But then I tell myself I am human, not a robot so we all act on emotions sometimes rather we are logical or not. But I did apologize for my over reaction.

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