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Joined Mensa

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So yeah, I took the test a little more than a month ago, and it turns out I did fairly well at it. Turns out I did much more than needed to to join this little peculiar organisation, so that I did. I'm not really here to discuss Mensa as an organisation, or really anything about the ethics involved in it. It's easy to condemn and if so, I wouldn't really blame any of you for it. It's an oddity.

I guess I'm just feeling a bit bored tonight, and I haven't really received the proper attention that I deserve these last few days, so I figured I could post here. Bragging? Surely. But I do find it quite amusing.


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(mensa sverige = mensa sweden)

I conceiled my identity and number, plus some other stuff that may be too revealing. But I figure the little post-it should be sufficient proof that I'm not playing another trick on you.

There's been a lot lately, and it's been trying for me. I am completely worn out, from certain private ordeals that I mentioned in my earlier post. I'm still alive, and I'm persisting, but it's not really enjoyable. Life's quite the trial and right now I'd love nothing more than some piece and quiet. Relief from it all.

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