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First blog attempt - My current feelings regarding daily life recently.

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Some things do not need to be on the forum. The following information is probably in that category, but needs a place to vent anyway.

First off, the first few months after discovering this site, I spent hours each night reading each and every post. My posts per day started out over 4. Within the first month, I was close to 90 posts. I was so happy to have a place to share such feelings and communicate with others of similar interests. As ADISC grew, my ability to read each post every night slowly decreased. After a couple months, the weekend became my time to read the posts neglected during the week. By July, the make forums read button started getting used..

At this time, I do not have enough time to read and reply to every good thread. I also have started to resume other normal activities during the week and weekends. This has led to my post count dropping to just about 2 post per day and me logging into ADISC only a few times per week.

ADISC has certainly grown, but not my interest here. Most of the threads have started to become old topics revived again. Most of the new stuff lacks content and maturity. Too often, the better topics get bogged down by negativity, personal vendettas, or mindless debates. Yes, the rep system is broken, we get unfair rep, the bandwagon is overloaded, and the result is just flames and bitterness. The only way this will be fixed is if each one of us look at our own actions to ensure we are part of the solution. I cannot change the forum, mods or members. My only option is to ensure my actions are what I want to see here.

In other news, my off-line life has been equally positive. This labor day, I celebrated by being at work on the one year anniversary of my knee injury. As previously mentioned, a motorcycle mishap tore the meniscus and anterior crucial ligament (ACL) in my knee. Labor Day of 2007, my bike fell onto my knee. Ever since, my daily life has included pain. Last week, I spoke with the Surgeon who replaced my ACL and repaired the cartilage back in February. He told me that the knee will be sensitive for probably another 6 months and gave me a prescription of Lortab (Vicodin). The base orthopedics physician said the same thing and prescribed Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory pain reliever). Thanks guys!

Most of my daily activities is either hindered or postponed by pain. The weather and bad luck has ruined the other stuff. My 1990 Jeep Cherokee 4dr. has been my biggest project since I purchased it back in early August. It really needed paint and some rust repair. The red paint faded to pink and the roof rusted. At this time, only the hood has been painted. The roof has been sanded and primed, but not repaired. That means I cannot drive it during or after a rain storm. Too bad Florida gets afternoon thunderstorms in the afternoons. Until it is drivable, I must continue to drive my pickup truck with worse fuel economy.

Work is really starting to bother me. Each day is the same extreme boredom randomly interrupted by crap. This week started with me getting asked to disturb co-workers at home to check to see if they are still prepared for a hurricane. The last 4 weeks have already ensured that. Why bother people when they are not at work because remnants of a tropical storm may be in the area on Monday.

On a positive note, I am medically cleared now to possibly move elsewhere. A new job would be nice. Somewhere cold in the winter would be even better. At this time, I will try to focus on getting a different position where I work while trying to transfer to another location.

Within the forums, I shall try to be as positive and helpful as possible. Hopefully, this rant is located in an appropriate location Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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