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System Destruction

Sick, Appathon, and more

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So, I'm *finally* getting over this cold. Still feel quite miserable, but eh, better than before.

As some of you knew I competed in the "Great Canadian Appathon". Without going to much into detail we didn't even submit anything, with the exclusion of one member who brought our team down to the ground with his ridiculous antics and fooling around it was quite a fun weekend (How's that for a run-on sentence!).

But really, it was a lot of fun, and I think the four of us (minus the person above) were great together. We went out and walked a few times (we couldn't do any work since the 4th member *cough cough* failed at holding up his end of the... No, no I promised myself I wouldn't rant!)

Anyways, like I said... It was fun, our game will be completed soon (trademark of Blizzard Entertainment).

Now, outside of those two exciting things, unknown to any (I think) of you, I recently saved someones life! Well, I should say I led to his life being saved, and if it weren't for me he may very well have been dead.

So, here is the story!

"Yay I love stories Lobie" a mysterious voice whispers through the air.

No, stop that, go away you.

"Okay..." it finishes as a gust of wind flows out of the room.


So, my mom was driving home, and a truck in front of us was swerving all over the road (I mean... all over). So I reported them to the police as a hazardous driver. He pulled over to the side of the road (and we passed him).

Later that night, and 10 calls from the police later they finally told me that they had found the driver. It was an elderly male having a serious medical problem. He was rushed to the hospital.

I have to say, it made me feel quite good!

I kind of hope I get a letter from the police so I can feel special :P

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