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Green Day - ¡Uno! album review

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1.Nuclear Family
-great music, lyrics flow well, feels like mid-late 90s green day
2.Stay the Night
-Good music and vocals
-Reminds me of cigarettes and valentines
3.Carpe Diem
-"Carpe diem a battle cry, aren't we all young to die" sounds like a riff
from Homecoming from American Idiot.
-Good song
4.Let Yourself Go
-Good vocals and rythem, One line chorus of "Let Yourself Go' - todd in
the shadows hates that.
-Lots of energy
5.Kill the DJ
-Good vocals, fun song, but repedative
-Would be surprised if I heard on the radio cause they say Fuck alot
6.Fell For You
-Good but to much upward inflection and to easy or hard to rhyem.
7.Loss of Control
-Nice song but if I had to pick a bad song on the album it might be this
somewhat weak lyrics but great music
-"I wanna be a troublemaker" one line chorus
-Good beat, good vocals
9.Angel Blue
-Good song but feels like i've heard the rythem before
10.Sweet 16
-Good song
-I know i've heard something similar but can't remeber.
11.Rusty James
-Good song
-Reminds me of bartender from rehab
12.Oh Love
-Good song, has grown on me since being release as a single.

Very rymie album, great guitar solos

I love
-Nuclear Family
-Stay the Night
-Carpe Diem
-Let Yourself Go
-Kill the DJ
-Rusty James
-Oh Love

I like it
-Fell For You
-Angel Blue
-Sweet 16

Meh - Take it or leave it
-Loss of Control

Overall an enjoyable album and I look forward to seeing what they do for ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!

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