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I'm fine... I'm free

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This'll be a short one, my brain is done and deceased. It's fried, basically. I had my first exam for the semester, it was hard as all sorrel hell, but I think I made it. Or at least I want to believe I did.

That's not the issue, however. Today me and my girlfriend split up, after almost 20 months of commited relationships.

We haven't been able see eachother a lot lately, due to us living in different cities. This long distance relationship has been tearing us apart, both from eachother and from ourselves. I've felt worn out, I've been tired and at times desperate. It's been incredibly rough on me, these last two months.

But today we had a long talk, and we agreed that this relationship had changed from something loving to something distant. We can't do it anymore. So, that was it. No more. I feel incredibly torn over this. One one hand, I feel devestated that I had to split from the woman I adore, due to mere distance. It feels unfair that something external ended us.

Yet, I also feel relieved. Now I can move on, try to form a new, more reasonable life. My emotional distress aside, believe it or not, I feel okay.

I feel fine

I'm free


  1. DONeill73's Avatar
    Doesnt mean you cant keep in touch, and then see how things are a couple years from now. If the bond was strong enough, there will always be heartfelt feelings for each other.
  2. Crassi's Avatar
    Always is a long time. I don't think I have that long left.

    Seriously though, time has a tendency to abate things, especially feelings. I just want to move on right now and purge myself clean. Everything must go.

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