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Moving out!

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I am officially moving out of my grandparents house on October 3rd and into an apartment that is right across the street from where I work and could not be more excited, but at the same time I feel weird and conflicted about doing it. My grandparents are going to help me out with the rent each month, I'll be making half the payment.

I will be paying $400 per month...well a bit more since I have a cat(s) and as far as they are concerned I only have a cat(s). *4 cats cough cough* but they all get a long and are non destructive unless it's my furniture. But they will now have room to run around and exercise, because quite frankly one of them is getting WIDE.

I think this move will be really good for me, not only to get out on my own, but to actually get out of the house and do stuff, have friends over and just in general be more social, than spending my time locked away.

Not to mention now I can have a decent "stash"

Now I need to get furniture for my place, all I really have is a bed.

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