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privacy (or the lack of)

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Until I got married, I never had privacy to do shit and even that has a window of time.

As a child, I shared a room with brothers. As a teen, I had this fucked up room that was used as a hallway.
I went into the army, and had a roommate and room inspections where they tore your room apart looking for things you aren't supposed to have.

While deployed to Iraq, I had to stuff the little side deep within due to living in a large open bay with a full company of men (maybe 100 to 150) .

Upon getting out of the army, my brother offered to let me move in with him. The two of us plus my aunt shared a 3 bedroom house and split the bills even. This wasn't so bad except that it didn't last very long.

My brother moved out and the bills fell more heavily on my aunt and I. We could manage just fine, however, my mom was getting evicted from where she lived. At this time I turned the living room into my room and had two spare rooms.

Even though I didn't want to give up my privacy, I knew it was the right thing to do. I was also reluctant to let her move in because I knew that the bills would end up falling more heavily on me because they are horrible with managing money.

So my mom, my step dad, and my little brother moved in with us. Plus, my aunt's husband got out of prison so he moved back in with us.

Now, where my aunt usually stayed to herself and I wasn't bothered much, I had a house full of inconsiderate assholes who don't know how to knock and were always up my ass. On top of all that, the way the house was setup, if someone was using the main bathroom, you had to go through my room to get to the rest of the house. I had to start hanging those sticky fly traps in my doorways to deter people from just busting into my room. It was at least hilarious to see someone with long hair get one wrapped up in their hair.

We had a falling out with my brother and since his name was on the rental agreement, we were forced to abruptly move out. He gave the land lord the 30 day notice and didn't even tell anyone. We found out when we came home one day and found an eviction notice saying we were supposed to have moved out already.

Anyways, I couldn't find anywhere to move that allowed two large pit bulls, so I ended up pulling my Tahoe to my families 50 acres of land and living out of it for a month. The only good thing about this was that it was early January and really cold out. I slept in the back of my Tahoe with two 90 pound pit bulls to keep me warm. I enjoyed this very much. Life was so simple for that short period of time.

My aunt (different one) warned me that it was going to get down below the 20's one night and practically made me come stay at her place.
That turned into me staying at their place and sleeping on there couch for maybe 4 months until I met my wife. My wife and I got engaged and got a trailer late that spring.

This was every bit of amazing until my mom got evicted. She didn't move in with us, but I had to take care of my little brother (16) for about a year. On top of that, my mother in law, who lives an hour away, got a job 10 minutes from our house. To save gas, she started staying with us on the weekdays much of the time. This happened for about a year.

Now, it's just the wife and I and I finally have some privacy, but it's windowed. When I finish school in less than two semesters, we plan on having kids. I can only imagine the variables that will throw into the equation.

I think before that time comes, I am really going ride the little side. At least as much as the wife will tolerate.

I can't tell you the amount of times my mom or someone else has walked in while I was in the act of something ab/dl related.
I remember two times at least when I had just got done changing my diaper and had a wet one still in view. Was lucky enough to get some pants on but not so lucky that a wet diaper was still well within view. No one ever said anything about it to me, but what would they?

This has lead me to believe that privacy is a precious commodity. Especially when you enjoy something most others would consider taboo.
It is something that most of us take for granted. If you have it, enjoy it while it's available as you never know when things will change.

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