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Blog, maybe?

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I doubt too many people care, but I've really thought about making a blog dedicated to my infantilism interests. After seeing so many blogs on tumblr, I've really become inspired to create my own, sharing my own stories and what I find great about being an AB. However, unlike basically all of the AB blogs I've seen, mine will be G-rated. I don't want to post pictures of other ABs, and I want mine to remain purely innocent, just as I am as an AB. The only problem is, i don't think there's much of a demand, and I feel id get like zero followers! Haha. Wha do you think, lovely adiscers?

Hmm. I really want to. I'm just not sure yet.

Well, thanks for reading my almost-meaningless post! Sorry if you wasted your time, I know it's not one of the most interesting blog entries!

Have a beautiful and happy day, everyone! Oh, and weekend. Shoot, even a happy next week c:


  1. Coyote_Howl's Avatar
    Eh what is it going to hurt to give it a shot? I mean all it will have done is taken up some time and that is about it. So yeah, why not do it and see what happens, there isn't any risk involved or anything to lose and who knows, maybe you'll be surprised how many people actually want to read a G-Rated AB blog.
  2. Nothingnobodynothing's Avatar
    Dawwww thanks, Coyote! :3

    I agree, I think it'd be cool to see what comes out of it! I'm actually debating making it now! Maybe if I get the drive to, I'm pretty lazy at the moment ;D
  3. Ronbeast's Avatar
    Sounds feasible to me, as I've launched my own vlog with similar ambitions. As always, there will probably be creeps and such, but when you run your own blog you get to choose the material that gets posted, so it's not all bad. I recommend you give it a shot, it's pretty fun!
  4. Ninikins's Avatar
    I think if you feel comfortable doing that you should! Just keep in mind that there will be some mean people or even creeps!
  5. Nothingnobodynothing's Avatar
    Its really hard to find AB blogs that aren't extreme fetish ones x.x! I did make the blog, though c: and I'm loving it! No one has followed it yet, so I haven't found any creepers. I hope they avoid my blog, though. Hahaha

    Thanks for the support you guys :3 it means a lot!
  6. Chrome's Avatar
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype]I think your idea of a G-rated blog is excellent, esp. as you want the blog to maintain the pure innocence which reflects how you are as an AB.[/FONT]
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